Benefits Of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans which are quite rich in natural fats. They are usually grown in the tropical regions. When it comes to cocoa butter, it is velvety in texture and has a sweet aroma. Apart from this, it contains heaps of vitamin E and omega 3 unsaturated fats. Be it cosmetics or chocolates, cocoa butter is widely used in various forms. It is often regarded as one of the best ingredients for the skin as it keeps it well hydrated. If you happen to suffer from skin issues like pigmentation, stretch marks or dry and cracked lips, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have curated a list of benefits of cocoa butter, that are not only beneficial to your hair, but to your skin as well. Use it in your beauty regime and watch out for results.
Here are some of the untold benefits of cocoa butter:

1. Rich In Antioxidants

These days one can find various cosmetic products available in the market that contain cocoa butter as one of their vital components. Various moisturizers, shower gels, lip balms and shampoos have cocoa butter in them. Even many anti-aging creams have this antioxidant rich component as it prevents the skin from getting wrinkle marks.
2. Lightens Pigmentation

People often use BB creams, concealers, and color correctors to hide their pigmentation marks. However, those chemical based products can harm your skin in many ways. Using 100% organic cocoa butter on the skin could possibly reduce the stubborn pigmentation marks

3. Shiny And Smooth Hair

To make your hair look shiny and smooth, take some organic cocoa butter and apply it on your hair thoroughly. Rinse it off with water after 20 minutes. Watch out for the results! You can repeat this procedure after twice a week.

4. Hydrated Lips

Dry and cracked lips can be quite annoying. Cocoa butter can do wonders to your lips as it can keep them hydrated, soft and supple for a longer period of time. If you also happen to suffer from the same, then cocoa butter may come to great help.

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