Best Wedding Flowers In The World

The wedding flowers symbolize true love, faith, purity and strength of relations. The bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and other decorations made of beautiful flowers add happiness, romance and joy to the wedding day. Here the list of 10 best wedding flowers. The evergreen gardenia flowers are better known for its pleasant fragrance. It is one of popular wedding flowers and symbolizes happiness and purity. The strongly scented white gardenia flowers are best for bridal bouquets. The flower available year around and slightly expensive. Gardenia flowers are mainly found across Africa, Southern Asia and Australia. The plant grows to 2-10 meters tall and blooms in midspring into midsummer. The round shaped gardenia flowers are found in white or pale yellow with small clusters. The plant also has shiny dark green leaves. The romantic sweet pea flowers are better known for their unique fragrance. The flowers also grow in varieties of colors including white, coral pink and purple. The availability in varieties of colors and intense sweet fragrance made sweet peas to widely used in wedding bouquets. This beautiful and delicate flower symbolizes pleasure. Sweet peas are also best for making vases and garden setting.

Sweet pea flowers are native to Sicily island of Southern Italy. It is a climbing plant and reach up to a height of 2 meters. The plant bloom in midsummer. The pleasant smelling sweet pea flowers are also used for the production of perfumes. Stephanotis is a deliciously fragrant waxy flower that widely used in wedding bouquets. This popular wedding flower signifies marital happiness. Stephanotis is also called as Madagascar jasmine. The sweet smelling waxy flower has distinctive petals. The stephanotis flowers available year around and priced moderately. The evergreen stephanotis plant is native to Madagascar, Australia and Africa. The plants grow up to a height of 10 feet. The strongly scented waxy flowers appears at the beginning of summer. The stephanotis flowers also need continuous cool temperature. The beautiful ranunculus flower is an excellent choice for wedding bouquets because it is available in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange, pale and apricot. The flowers are also small in size, multi-petaled and inexpensive.  Ranunculus symbolizes ‘radiant charm’, in other words it means ‘you are very attractive’. The bright ranunculus flowers also used to make boutonnieres. The flowers appear in March and in June depending on depending on the time of tubers planted.


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