How to boost immune system

It is a myth that only fancy, exorbitantly priced, exotic foods can give you great health. In fact, nature has bestowed each region with foods that are specifically suitable to the climatic conditions of the region. So, it’s imperative we consume regional and seasonal foods.


All kinds of citrus fruits give an instant boost to the immune system because of the abundant amounts of vitamin C they contain. Lemon, which is the most easily available of them, can also be called a miracle fruit. “Although acidic, it instantly creates an alkaline environment in the body, thereby reducing the effect of any kind of inflammation. Disease-causing germs and viruses can thrive only in an acidic environment,” says Mumbai-based Parul Shethia Pandey, a natural living expert, educator and Ojas Life proponent. Hence, lemon can be used to control any illness and to fortify the immune system. It also has amazing cleansing properties that purify blood and are extremely beneficial to the digestive system. Moreover, it contains antioxidants that reverse the aging process.

This monsoon, boost your immunity with the following foods:

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