Devadas Movie Review

Earlier this year, the much-loved Nagarjuna suffered a major setback when the Ram Gopal Varma-directed Officer bombed at the ticket window and failed to impress the critics. A cop-drama, the film featured Tollywood’s ‘King’ in the role of a police officer and failed to impress even his most die-hard fans. In fact, many consider it to be his biggest flop in the recent years. Now, with the setback behind him, Nagarjuna is back with Devadas, which hit the screens today. So, did the film live up to the expectations and help Nagarjuna get things back on track? Let’s find out. Directed by Aditya Sriram, Devadas is a lively and fun-filled affair that revolves around the unconventional bond between a doctor and a deadly don. The basic storyline itself is quite intriguing and manages to keep the fans hooked. The impact of the effective storyline is enhanced because of some deft writing. The screenplay of Devadas relies heavily on ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ and this makes it quite easy to relate to the characters and the on-screen situations. The scenes featuring Nagarjuna and Nani have come out quite well and click big time thanks to the chemistry between the two. The climax has been executed extremely well and it might catch the fans by surprise. That said and done, the opening sequences are a bit on the slower side and this might be an issue for some fans. Nagarjuna has done a splendid job in Devadas. His charming screen presence is a treat for all and sundry. His lively on-screen mannerisms are arguably the biggest USP of his act. Nani manages to hold his own against Nagarjuna and tickles the funny bone in quite a few scenes. His comic timing is spot on. Rashmika Mandanna is under-utilised. And, as a result, she is unable to make much of an impact. Aakanksha Singh too does make a solid impression. Kunal Kapoor and Murali Sharma serve their purpose.

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