Firangi Movie Review: Kapil Sharma-Starrer is So Bad It’s Funny

There was a point when Kapil Sharma seemed to have it all—a hit show, a bountiful bank balance and all sorts of luxuries. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why he thought of trying his hand at acting. However, Kapil’s image as a comedian seems to have become so strong that it’s hard to see him doing anything else. And after watching his second big screen outing, Firangi, I feel that it’s kind of true.

Directed by Rajiev Dhingra, Firangi is set during the peak of the independence movement and tells the story of a man Manga, played by Kapil, who isn’t bothered by the British atrocities. One day his talent of healing people with a ‘kick’ lands him a job with British authorities. However, it doesn’t go down well with his lover’s (Ishita Dutta) family, who thinks Manga will end up becoming like them.

The film opens with a voice-over from Amitabh Bachchan about Manga’s journey of realization and winning back the love and respect of his lady. But the film is downright insipid in its treatment of both the characters and plotline.

Rajiev has tried to bring the feel of British rule in the film with decent cinematography but the unconvincing fictional pairing of Kapil and Ishita only wastes it. Their romance looks extremely forced on screen. The only time you feel like watching this movie is when camera doesn’t focus on their love story.

The random execution of the movie fails to add anything of interest to the plot. Even with great supporting cast like Aanjjan Srivastav and Rajesh Sharma, the film feels frustratingly disjointed.

Kapil might have the ability to make people laugh but the one thing he surely can’t do is prevent his poor attempts at films from criticism. Trust me, he should stick to what he has been doing for past 10 years— “Stand-up comedy”.

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