Foods That Induce Menstruation, Induce Periods,

Women who suffer from PCOD or other similar fertility issues, find a hard time getting their periods on time. In cases like these, imbalance of hormones is majorly seen as the cause of delay in the regular menstrual flow. Sometimes, reasons like stress, overeating or undue pressure also causes irregularity in periods. In order to combat this, some women sought medical treatment and begin medication, while other hops on to Ayurvedic treatment. The rest of the lot falls on altering their diets to elevate this condition or focus on changing their lifestyle in hopes for some respite.

It’s been seen that apart from simply having a nutrient-rich diet and exercising regularly, there are other factors that are known to induce periods and regulate menstruation. Folk wisdom dictates that there are certain foods when added to one’s diet are known to be effective in bringing periods early or on its scheduled time.

It’s a known fact that for a woman, menstruating regularly is important for her reproductive health. It is what keeps a woman’s fertility and hormones level balanced. Given that certain food when consumed in addition to proper medication and a balanced diet are reported to induce periods. It becomes a prospective solution for these common woes widespread among female.

stomach ache
It’s a known fact that for a woman, menstruating regularly is important for her reproductive healthHaving said that, here’s a list of top foods, which are easily available at home and are sworn by our grandmas as great for consumption before and during the periods:

1. Coffee

The presence of Caffeine in coffee is reported to stimulate oestrogen, which causes your periods to come early. Caffeine is also the chemical known for relieving pain during menstruation. Dr. Sarita Gupta who is a gynaecologist shares her opinion, “there are certain foods that is recommended during menstruation to relieve pain. Coffee is the most prominent among them because of caffeine and its migraine and headache relieving propertie

2. Nuts

Snacking on almonds and walnuts can be a good way to prepare yourself before the impending shark week. Both of these variety of nuts are rich in fibre and proteins; their function in inducing internal heat can further be a basis for regulating periods. Eating a handful of these before periods can be good for your health and consequently your fertility

3. Fruits (rich in vitamins C)

Fruits like papaya consists of carotene, which is known to stimulate oestrogen hormone causing periods to get preponed. Pineapple is another such fruit, high in vitamin C, which is believed to generate heat in the pelvic region, causing further contraction in uterus and is a reason for shedding of uterine lining. Henceforth, making your periods to come on its scheduled time or preventing its delay.

Mangoes are known to have similar effects during periods. Vitamin C in these fruits is what increases the amount of oestrogen in body and reduces progesterone hormone, which is the reason for contraction in uterus and shredding of blood lining, respectively

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