How to improve customer relationships ?

The best way to keep customers happy and from moving on to one of your competitors is to improve their customer experience regardless of where that experience is.

Consumers want the freedom to engage with the companies they patronize, whether that is through email, phone or a digital channel. They want control, so it is important for companies to respond to consumers’ needs through whichever communication channel customers prefer, rather than what the company prefers.

In improving customer relationships, knowing your audience is also a must. Consumers do not expect companies to be present in all areas, but they do expect to be competently served in the channels where service is offered.

If a company doesn’t have the resources to deliver excellent service on multiple platforms, it’s better to scale back and offer it in the areas where they excel and where their customers are most likely to look for engagement.

In-person customer service is still preferred for physical stores. But for those businesses with a greater digital presence, consumers are most likely to approach them through their website or email. However, this is truly dependent on the individual company, so tracking customer engagement sources is imperative for creating a strategy to improve customers’ experience.

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