How You Should Cook With Vinegar

The people of Gujarat may soon find respite from the scorching heat according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The agency forecasts that the South Gujarat region, Daman and Dadar and Nagar Haveli will be getting heavy rainfall from Monday.

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There is also a possibility of light to moderate rain or thundershowers in some regions of South Gujarat, Diu and Saurashtra. Kutch, however, will continue to face a dry spell.

The IMD said that while Ahmedabad will see overcast conditions the maximum temperature will remain around 41°C and there it is unlikely that respite from the heat will be forthcoming.

Monsoons have been delayed in the region, it usually arrives in the state by June 15. According to the state revenue department, this delay has been the longest in several years.
For the past few years, apple cider vinegar has stolen the spotlight, albeit more for health reasons than culinary ones. In all the uproar about whether ACV is a miracle elixir that can melt fat and beautify skin, its acidic cousins have gotten pushed to the back of the pantry.
Big mistake. Huge.

Few ingredients have the versatility, range, and potency of vinegar when it comes to cooking. No one know this better than Rich Landau, chef and co-owner of Vedge restaurant in Philadelphia. Working with a meat-free menu forces him to get creative with flavors, and vinegar is one of his favorite tools for the job. We asked for his golden rules and favorites.

1. Don’t buy cheap vinegar.
“If you’re buying anything over 16 ounces that costs under $5 (£3), use it to clean your windows, not on food,” Landau says. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, either—he’s noticed diminishing returns on bottles $25 (£19) and up. Something in the mid range is good

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