Jelly Nails Are This Monsoon’s Season Beauty Trend

If you’ve ever wondered where beauty trends find their inspiration from, the answer might you leave you scratching your head. For trends like sunset eyes, sometimes it’s from nature’s goodness. Other times, it’s created from nothing at all. Squiggle brows, we’re looking at you. The latest beauty trend on the block comes from a place of nostalgia. Think rainy mornings and new waterproof footwear.

Remember jelly shoes? In the 90s, the transparent, sparkly and clunky shoes were all the rage across the world when the rains hit. In India, shimmery PVC ballerina and plastic sandals made their appearance years ago and still show no signs of fading. In fact, if you step outside when a shower hits, you’re sure to see a few pairs even now.

Complementing the clear footwear is a monsoon beauty trend like no other. It’s called jelly nails and even though it has existed for a while now, it really caught on this season with none other than   Jenner. When taking a  nail fie with her friends recently,  buddy Heather Sanders sported a pair of neon pink translucent nails with miniature nike swooshes on the ends.Quickly, it became a social media trend that now has more than 4000 posts.

Looks like monsoon fashion and a 90s throwback were the inspiration for this trend.Another reason why jelly nails are so popular at the moment is because of how easy it is to replicate it. In fact, you don’t even need to step into a nail salon to do so. All you need is a pair of clear acrylic tips and glitter nail polish. Use nail glue to fix the tips onto your nail bed and apply a single coat of polish for the sparkly, clear finish.Now go on and get on board monsoon’s hottest beauty trend.

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