Killing dissidents a curse on our democratic values: Yogi Adityanath

There is no place for violence in a democracy, but political killings continue here in Kannur,” claimed Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, as he railed against Kerala’s CPM government, and more particularly, its chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Taking their fight against what they call “mass murders” of BJP and RSS workers in ‘God’s Own Country’, the BJP has launched a two-week Padyatra called the Janaraksha Yatra, kicking it off in Vijayan’s hometown, Kannur.

While BJP president Amit Shah was in attendance on Tuesday, Yogi Adityanath joined in on Wednesday and in an exclusive interview to Zee News, minced no words against the CPM government. “Conversation is inherent in a democracy, it is a common ground between agreement and disagreement. But, communists who espouse secularism in the country are two-faced and this can be seen in Kerala and Tripura. The murder of these 14 BJP and RSS workers is proof of that,” he said.

Yogi added that the fact these murder took place in the CM’s hometown was proof there was a “political hand” behind the killings. “It is quite disturbing that Kannur, which is the CM’s constituency has been the ground for these 14 murders. We won’t accept them and we will oppose this.”

Asked what measures would they take to ensure this, Yogi said, “Killing those who are in disagreement with you is a curse on democratic values. Make no mistake, the common man is supporting us.”

Speaking about other issues, Adityanath also called upon the common man to join the party in their padyatra to fight the “growing threat” of “love jihad.”

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