How to make your home environment-friendly

Back of the mind, in most cases, our innate desire is to constructively contribute towards bettering and preserving our Mother Earth, yet because of the hectic schedules, most of us are not able to affect this thought into action.
Here are some easy ways to contribute to the environment by consciously making small efforts in ones daily life.
“Kitchen Garden is commonly known to grow organic fruits and vegetables that are mostly consumed domestically. Each one of us can grow vegetables in their balcony and around the home

Also, using terracotta pots for planting makes one’s garden look elegant, fresh, and colourful. They are environment-friendly and bio-degradable. These can be easily shifted from one place to another. One can grow vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, radish lettuce, fenugreek, gourds, chilly, capsicum.

Aloe Vera, Snake plant, Ficus, Tulsi, Pipal are extremely effective at cooling air as well as removing pollutants and harmful virus from the air. Additionally, they aid in the better nourishment of the skin. Keep these plants in your bedroom for proper oxygen supply

Group small and big plants together; it helps to save water in summers. By arranging them in a clustered form, the big plants will protect the small ones and thereby it will reduce the task of watering plants daily.

“Another activity to save water is mulching plants and garden with dry grasses. Doing this will help plants to store more water, as dry grass hold the water for longer time, it makes the evaporation process a bit slower and holds the water within the plants and in the ground as well,” added Jain.

Decompose your biodegradable waste
Make manure from the kitchen wet waste. Create holi colors and waste flowers. Make leaf manure from the garden dry and green waste.

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