Perfect Summer Accessories for the Rosé Worshipper

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If you spend all year yearning for the blissfulness of summer, you aren’t alone. There’s nothing better than a beach or pool day, complete with all the essentials: a trashy beach read, your fabulous new sun hat, coconut-scented sunblock (or any moisturizer-SPF duo — we’re multitaskers here), and a simple glass of the pink stuff. But beside providing you with some “liquid medicine,” it turns out your favorite summer drink also has a healthy side.

A study published in July 2016 in Advances in Nutrition states that rosé contains a multitasking antioxidant called resveratrol that comes from the skins of grapes. Linked to brain protection, reduced risk of heart disease, and — wait for it — antiaging properties, resveratrol is one key ingredient to our favorite summer wine. While the study does question how much alcohol you would have to consume to attain the benefits of resveratrol (a glass of rosé has .29 milligrams out of the 1 gram recommended daily value suggested in the study), in terms of resveratrol count in wine, rosé comes in second to red.

By no means should this encourage anyone to indulge in an excessive rosé-all-day party, but a glass or two poolside can’t hurt. Or, if drinking rosé isn’t your thing, there’s no shame in pouring pink lemonade instead. Here’s everything you need this summer to #drinkpink.

Rose Gold Heart-Shaped Wine Bottle Opener and Stopper

Gift alert! For the friend obsessed with rose gold everything, this kit comes with a wine opener and wine stopper — in case they want to save some for later (or not). And of course, the wine stopper is shaped in a heart to show you love them almost as much as they love rosé.

What’s better than candy or alcohol? Candy and alcohol. So get ready, because rosé-flavored cotton candy is here to surpass all expectations of what’s good in the world. This product is made to order with pure cane sugar, infused with subtle flavors of rosé wine, and topped off with hints of red fruits and grapes, all wrapped up in a pretty pink container. Can you say beach essential?

Face it: You’re a rosé freak. So why not make it official? These handmade pins featuring two clinking glasses of rosé are adorable and make great BFF presents. Stick it on your backpack, your favorite shirt, or your “Rosé all day” denim hat. Wherever you put it, these pins are the perfect accessory to finally commit to your one true love.

A rose-colored wineglass to match your favorite drink? Yes, please. Classy and chic, these glasses are perfect for brunch with the girls or a rooftop pregame. With stem and stemless options, feel free to pick your favorite or mix and match for an enviable kitchen set!

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