The Scariest and Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Federal Highway 1- Mexico
The Federal Highway 1 is a 1,000 mile road through mountains and along cliffs. What makes it so scary? It doesn’t have any railings or guard rails! And even if you’re a safe driver, six Mexican states don’t require a passing grade on a driving test (this is one of them).

Commonwealth Avenue- Philippines
Commonwealth Avenue is also known as the “Killer Highway.” It’s a normal urban highway with a large number of injuries and fatalities due to extremely heavy traffic. They also have a poor drainage system that causes massive flooding during storms.

James Dalton Highway- Alaska
The James Dalton Highway is an extremely isolated road with only three towns along the course. High winds and icy conditions are always a major concern on this 414-mile passageway. Not to mention potholes and small flying rocks cause great risk for injury. It is strongly encouraged to bring survival gear if you plan to embark on this journey.

Atlantic Road- Norway
Originally proposed as a railway, Atlantic Road is said to be the most scenic and possibly the most dangerous road in all of Europe. It is extremely curvy and features eight bridges. Avoid this road when a storm is looming, as the Norwegian Sea’s huge waves and high winds force themselves onto the road making it extremely dangerous for drivers.

Pass- Italy
Stelvio Pass is a mountain road 9,045 ft. above sea level. It has extremely dangerous turns and low concrete barriers. Caution is advised in the winter season because snow and ice can easily build up, causing your vehicle to slip on this winding road.

Trans-Siberian Highway- Russia
Trans-Siberian Highway is one of the longest highways in the world that stretches more than 6,800 miles from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. It consists of an unpaved road that crosses through mountains, forests and deserts. Be careful during the summer, as the warm and wet weather conditions can cause great danger.

Pan-American Highway- Alaska to Argentina
The Pan-American Highway is also known as the “longest  road in the world. It’s a 30,000 mile trip from North America to South America through some of the most intense landscapes ever created. Your skills will be put to the test; drive carefully when entering the jungles, mountains, deserts and glaciers.

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