Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum gel has been around us for so long. But what are its benefits? And, how can we use it in other different ways? Of course, people often use it as a lip balm to keep the lips soft and supple, others also use it like a quick first aid to minor cut or bruise. But there are more ways in which this easily available and pocket friendly gel can be used around the house. Here are 5 ways for a quick read:

1. Heals Cracked Feet

Petroleum gel is one of the best cures to heal cracked feet and make your feet softer. Rub a coat of gel on your feet during night and pull on a pair of socks. A week of this can soften the most hardened, neglected heels!
2. Heals Cuticle
Cuticles are made up of protein and they tend to become dry and cracked when the skin loses its moisture. We’re not suggesting you wash your hands less frequently, but soaps can dry out the hands and the first signs of dryness typically show up around the nails. The non-greasy layer of petroleum gel will protect your cuticles from the loss of moisture and prevents dryness.

3. Makeup Highlighter

A little dab of petroleum gel can work as a highlighter when you are putting on makeup. Once you’re done with your basic makeup, take a cotton and dab it with a little petroleum jelly, apply it over your cheeks and nose bridge. It’s really easy and can give you natural highlights. What’s better? It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and stretchy. Tip: If you are prone to oiliness around your nose or have acne prone skin, then you might want to steer clear of this one.

4. A Quick Fix for Frizzy Hair:

Take a small amount of petroleum gel and then apply it to your hair. It aids in de-frizzing your hair and taming the unwarranted dryness. Do make sure that you don’t take much of it as the jelly may end up making your hair really greasy.
5. Helps in Putting on Those Earrings
If you don’t tend to wear earrings regularly then wearing them on occasion can be a pain, quite literally! For an easy way out, use your petroleum gel and rub it on your ear holes before putting on your earrings. Not only will it make wearing the earrings easier, you will experience that wearing the large hoops for longer hours also becomes pain-free.

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