The Important Of Uses Of Turmeric For Depression

Turmeric is the wonder spice which has endless health benefits.

It is one of the most common ingredients in the Indian kitchens and can be used in almost all dishes and recipes. Apart from helping in dealing with cough and cold, turmeric can help in dealing with depression as well. Most of the health benefits of turmeric can be credited to the compound curcumin, which has both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory bodies. A recent progression of turmeric is its effect on people dealing with depression.

How turmeric helps in dealing with depression
Antioxidants in curcumin protect the body from damage caused by free radicals in the body. These free radicals are also capable of causing inflammation in the body. They help in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been found to be linked with depression. Inflammation might exacerbate depression and vice versa.

Antioxidants in curcumin can reduce symptoms of depression.While turmeric cannot be claimed to be a standalone treatment for depression, it can help in improving the condition when combined with other treatments. Turmeric should not be used in place of prescribed anti-depressants and medications for depression. Furthermore, change in symptoms cannot be experienced right away. It might take a while before turmeric shows its affects in reducing depression symptoms.

Combine it with black pepper

The effects of turmeric come to be the best when combined with black pepper. Piperine compound in black pepper enhances absorption of curcumin. There have been numerous studies which talk about benefits of black pepper and turmeric together. Cur cumin is more effective when combined with piperine. You can add black pepper to the meals in which you add turmeric.

There can be some side effects

Therapeutic use of spices like turmeric and black pepper can have certain side effects like vomiting, nausea or an upset stomach. These side effects can be avoided by using the spices in smaller dosages initially. In case you are on anti-depressants, do talk to your doctor about dosages in which you should include turmeric and black pepper in your diet. Do take care of the dosage in case you’re pregnant. People with gallstones, bile duct dysfunction or low blood pressure should also keep a check on the dosage of turmeric for treating depression.

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